Referral Rewards

Whether you are an existing client, tenant or anyone else that has had a good experience with Lifestyle Rentals Gold Coast, there is an opportunity to be rewarded for referring new business.

If you are happy with the service you are receiving or have received, it makes sense to share the experience with other investors so they can also benefit from the professional property management services at Lifestyle Rentals.

Should you refer a new client and Lifestyle Rentals is appointed as their managing agent, the client will receive a single rebate equal to 25% of their weekly rent and so will you* For example, if their property leases for $500 per week, the client will receive $125 and you will also receive $125.

At Lifestyle Rentals, your assistance in promoting the business and encouraging others to enjoy the services is very much appreciated. If you would like any more information please contact Kellie on 0400 416 601 or at

*only one client rebate will be offered for each property. Only one referral fee will be offered for each property.